high performance - low power - plug-and-play


F-Technologies offers implementations of performance-critical functions on FPGAs for your data center and in the cloud. Our solutions enable high-speed, low-latency processing at low power and energy consumption. F-Technologies' integration framework allows customers to easily deploy and integrate our solutions into their commercial applications - without any required FPGA knowledge.

Years of experience with FPGA and SoC implementations and expertise in state-of-the-art tool chains and devices guarantee high quality solutions.


Dr Felix Winterstein
Overall Responsibility
PhD, Imperial College London
Dipl.-Ing., RWTH Aachen University
Previous roles:
  • Research Associate at Imperial College London
  • Systems Engineer at the European Space Agency
Dr Andrea Suardi
Technical Lead - FPGA
PhD, University Politecnico di Milano
M.Sc., University Politecnico di Milano
Previous roles:
  • Research Associate at Imperial College London
  • FPGA Developer at Emilio Billi Engineering
Alexander Lange
Technical Lead - Software
M.Sc., University of Bremen
Previous roles:
  • Software Engineer at Telespazio VEGA
  • Systems Engineer at the European Space Agency
  • Scientific Staff at Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt
Andreas Duffner
Business Development, Sales
Dipl.-Kaufm., University of Mannheim
Previous roles (most recent):
  • Management Consultant for Digital Transformation
  • Global Head of Business Transformation Services at SAP
  • Customer Officer in the CEO office at SAP

Advisory Board

Prof Andreas Koch
TU Darmstadt
Head of the Embedded Systems and Applications Group at TU Darmstadt
Prof George Constantinides
Imperial College London
Head of the Circuits and Systems Group at Imperial College London

Supported by

TU Darmstadt